sugar is the same as cocaine , will cause you addiction. New study said

Posted on 11th Apr 2016 @ 10:33 AM

SUGAR is something we consume every day.

It’s in our coffee, in our tomato sauce and in that chocolate bar you’ve treated yourself to.

But shocking new research has found eating sugar is similar to taking drugs like cocaine and morphine.

The research out of Queensland University of Technology discovered the dreadful affects sugar addictions are having on our brains, causing a change in our behaviour and even in some cases, leading to depression.

PhD researcher Masoor Shariff has compared sugar addiction to drug abuse and found some very scary similarities between the two.

Eating sugar and drug abuse changes the layout of our neuron brain cells in the same way.

“Basically neuron brain cells communicate with each other and other parts of the body and if there’s a change in the structure and layout it’s going to change the communication,” Mr Shariff said.

“That impacts behaviour and then you can see the same dramatic change when you take sugar as you do when you take other drugs.”

Neuroscientist Professor Selena Bartlett said when we have a sugar addiction, our brain releases dopamine, which is what leads to cravings.

Dopamine is also released when we take a hit of drugs and it makes us feel pleasure and attachment to what we’ve consumed.

After long-term drug or sugar abuse, the dopamine levels drop, which leads to higher consumption of a substance because you are trying to get that pleasurable feeling back.

This means you can get addicted to sugar, the same way you get addicted to drugs.

Professor Bartlett said if you’re a sugar addict and try to quit, you can have withdrawals in the same way drug addicts can.

When you try to quit sugar, it causes a dopamine imbalance, the same as if you were to go cold turkey from drugs.