About Us

Health Essence is an Australian wellness brand. We believe that all human beings are empowered to have good health. Anything comes to your health can not be compromised. Therefore, we choose Australia to be the only origin of our supplements. All of them are made in strict accordance with GMP standards and have been listed on the Australia Register of Therapeutical Goods (ARTG).

Brand Story

Founded in 2008, Health Essence is Australia's leading health care product brand, with all products made in Australia. Since the establishment of the company, Health Essence's product development team has continuously explored and worked hard to carefully select natural raw materials, combined with Australia's cutting-edge science and technology and professional medical knowledge to develop high-quality, healthy and natural health products. Let people have a healthy body and bring the magical health power from Australia to the world.

The Mission Of Health Essence

Health Essence is committed to introducing high-quality, healthy Australian pure natural health products, so that people can get a healthy body. Health Essence firmly believes that "health" is a natural human right, and nothing about health can be compromised.

Qualification Certificate

All products have bag mouse, 100% made in Australia

TGA Certification, Drug Registration Certificate of the Australian Drug Administration

GMP certification

Awarded the Australian Policy Export Award, the products are exported to China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries and regions.

Production Base

Health Essence products are manufactured by Aussia Australia. Aussia Pharma started in 1998 and has been engaged in the production of health care products. The company was registered in 2002 and serves mainly for the agent services of major health brands in Australia. All products under Aussia are TGA certified products and Made in Australian certified products. As a high quality brand of professional manufacturer, Aussia has been unanimously recognized by professionals.